The protocol's Educational Element involves the training of Christ's disciples for their work of ministry using the Galilee Protocol. When we think of education, we usually think of reading, writing, and arithmetic. We think of training children to be productive members of society. We think of preparing people for a career. When we think of Christian education, we consider all these things from a Christian context. But this Educational Element is specifically oriented toward preparing God's people to do the special work for our time. “God's purpose in giving the third angel's message to the world is to prepare a people to stand true to Him during the investigative judgment. This is the purpose for which we establish and maintain our publishing houses, our schools, our sanitariums, hygienic restaurants, treatment rooms, and food factories. This is our purpose in carrying forward every line of work in the cause.”1.

It is true of each of the protocol's three elements: that the fundamental thing that distinguishes them from the way of the world, is their basis in divine command rather then human wisdom. “We want none of that kind of 'higher education' that will put us in a position where the credit must be given, not to the Lord God of Israel, but to the god of Ekron. The Lord designs that we shall stand as a distinct people, so connected with Him that He can work with us.”2 “Our people are now being tested as to whether they will obtain their wisdom from the greatest Teacher the world ever knew or seek to the god of Ekron. Let us determine that we shall not be tied by so much as a thread to the educational policies of those who do not discern the voice of God and who will not hearken to His commandments.”3 “The so-called higher education of the present day is a misnamed deception... All this higher education that is being planned will be extinguished; for it is spurious. The more simple the education of our workers, the less connection they have with the men whom God is not leading, the more will be accomplished.”4

“We hear much of the higher education as the world regards the subject. But those who are ignorant of the higher education as it is taught and exemplified in the life of Christ, are ignorant of what constitutes the higher education. Higher education means conformity to the terms of salvation. It embraces the experience of daily looking to Jesus, and of working together with Christ for the saving of the perishing... Christ imparted instruction of the highest order... By pen and by voice labor to sweep back the false ideas that have taken possession of men's minds regarding the higher education. To every worker Christ gives the command, Go work today in my vineyard for the glory of my name. Represent before the world laden with corruption the blessedness of true higher education. Light is to shine forth from every believer. The weary, the heavy-laden, the broken-hearted and the perplexed, are all to be pointed to Christ, the source of all spiritual life and strength.”5

“Our schools should have little to say now of degrees and long courses of study. The work of preparation for the service of God is to be done speedily. Let the work be carried forward in strictly Bible lines. Let every soul remember that the judgments of God are in the land. Let degrees be little spoken of.”6 “Workers–gospel medical missionaries, are needed now. You cannot afford to spend years in preparation. Soon the doors now open to the truth will be forever closed. Carry the message now. Do not wait, allowing the enemy to take possession of the fields now open to you. Let little companies go forth to do the work which Christ appointed His disciples. Let them labor as evangelists, scattering publications, and talking of the truth to those they meet. Let them pray for the sick, ministering to their necessities, not with drugs, but with nature's remedies, and teaching them how to regain health and avoid disease.”7

“In this closing work of the gospel there is a vast field to be occupied; and, more than ever before, the work is to enlist the helpers from the common people. Both the youth and those older in years will be called from the field, from the vineyard, and from the workshop, and sent forth by the Master to give His message. Many of these may have little opportunity for education, but Christ sees in them qualifications that will enable them to fulfill His purpose. If they put their hearts into the work, and continue to be learners, He will fit them to labor for Him.”8

“Following [Christ's] example in our medical missionary work, we shall reveal to the world that our credentials are from above... United with Christ in God, we shall reveal to the world that as God chose His Son to be His representative on the earth, even so has Christ chosen us to represent His character.”9

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