The first catagory of deliverables is On-Boarding. In this catagory the targets are people within the Seventh-day Adventist community. They may be individuals, small groups, congregations, multi-congregational groups, or school groups. Here the Deliverables are simply activities to recruit and train Adventists for involvement in domestic medical missionary work.

Christ's Method Alone! This is a propagational event for church congregations and church groups. It is an entry level interest building seminar with a number of presentations: 

  1. The Sign of Jonah
  2. The Mistaken Identity
  3. Sabbath—The Protocol for Service
  4. By Who's Authority
  5. When The Nets Break

Almost Armageddon. This is a weekend propagational event for schools or groups of school-aged young people. It is an entry level multimedia presentation exposing Hollywood's preoccupation with Armageddon and the physical, mental, and spiritual reprecussions. This series is designed to present the great controversy in a way that will engage and motivate young Adventists for revival, reformation, and domestic missionary ministry.

The Galilee Protocol. This is a one-week orientation seminar intended for church congregations, church groups, and school groups. It presents the Galilee Protocol Orientation Study Guides culminating in an exam and the opportunity to join the Galilee Protocol Medical Missionary Association as an Enrolled Medical Missionary.

  1. The Mission
  2. Educational
  3. Ministerial
  4. Medical
  5. City-Centric
  6. Missionarial
  7. Provocative
  8. Advocative
  9. Representative
  10. Organized
  11. The Storm
  12. Deliverables

Galilee Protocol Core Curriculum. This is a failry intensive training program for Enroled Medical Missionaries. After sucessful completion of the theory portion of the core curriculum they will be given the opportunity for an upgraded membership as a Certified Medical Missionary. After successful completion of the practicum portion fo the core curriculum, Certified Medical Missionaries will be given the opportunity for an upgraded membership as a Registered Medical Missionary

Core Curricilum Courses

  • 1. Being Lively Stones (Bible Witnessing)
  • 2. Adventist Heritage
  • 3. God's Eight Doctors
  • 4. Anatomy & Physiology
  • 5. Hygienic Healthcare
  • 6. Hydrotherapy
  • 7. Healthful Cookery
  • 8. Home Gardening

Practicum Courses

  • 1. Home Lessons
  • 2. Home Helps
  • 3. Search & Rescue
  • 4. Historagories
  • 5. Open Air Interactives
  • 6. Hygienic Spas
  • 7.Lifestyle Lodges
  • 8. Plug-In Teams
  • 9. Seminars
  • 10. Almost Armageddon
  • 11. Olivet Campaigns
  • 12. Field Expedictons