Runaway Mercy-Loop

A Probationary Anomaly...

The atoning sacrifice of Christ on Calvary's hill was a long time ago. Earth's nightmare of sin seems unconcerned--it just rolls on and on. 1844 was a long time ago too. I wonder, how much time can the Investigative Judgment really require? Certainty this anti-typical day of atonement must already be earth's longest day.

Please pardon the frankness. There is no antagonism here. If you are a loyal Seventh-day Adventist we're on the same side. But each passing day adds to the urgency of some questions.

Today's world is plunging into the depths of iniquity and satanic spiritualism that the Adventist Pioneers couldn't have imagined--much less the Apostles. Doesn't God's Word tell us that there is a limit beyond which man's wickedness will not be allowed to go?

What of the fullness of iniquity's cup? the judgment? the close of probation? What of the seven-last-plagues? the end-of-the-world?

It seems that somewhere we veered off course and have entered into an alternate reality--a different world--one that has somehow slipped past the reach of Daniel and Revelation. How is it that our prophetic expectations of yesteryear have all been neutralized?

It is true. We are stuck in some sort of probationary anomaly--a runaway mercy-loop, and the result is a world gone mad in sin and rebellion. Sin is on a frantic up-tick that seems destined to end in this planet's self-annihilation.

And its all because of a mistaken identity. The world's only hope is the Man from Galilee! But somehow His true character has been hijacked by those who declare Him to be all mercy with no justice, or as all justice with no mercy.

It is this mistaken identity that we were commissioned to repair. The world needs a demonstration powerful enough to break the anomaly! We must warn the cities! We must reactivate the Galilee Protocol!

"Christ is waiting with longing desire for the manifestation of Himself in His church. When the character of Christ shall be perfectly reproduced in His people, then He will come." -Christ's Object Lessons, p. 69.