A Historic Movement of Bible Prophecy

...and A sense of Nervous Agitation.

The early Adventists were clearly lead to believe that the Lord was preparing their generation to make that great and final stand. But their time on earth is gone; and the precious preparation they received rests with them in the grave.

Several generations later, and now our people are showing the fading clarity that comes from a movement grown cold; and with the passage of time the world-context has changed beyond recognition.

Seventh-day Adventists are strangely caught up in both the then and the now. While we're generally appreciative of some aspects of our Millerite roots, we also generally embrace most aspects of this new world. It is not difficult to understand why. We Adventists—along with our denominated church—have found a respectable place here.

We have reason to be proud of our 28 Fundamental Beliefs. We can be enthusiastic about their unique devotion to the Bible Standard. Our doctrinal platform is solid.

The strength and quality of our institutions are the marvel to the world. Our hospitals—the caliber of medical personnel associated with our people—are very impressive indeed. Our medical institutions are strong and healthy.

Our schools lead the way among so many educational rivals. Adventist Education scores an A+ when compared to every other venue.

ADRA and the many Community Services Centers, our focused mission work, Adventist Media; all these services and programs conducted around the globe are also all at the top of the class in each of their respective fields.

We as a church do function amazingly well in this contemporary setting. We are up-to-date. We're relevant. The Lord's hand has been with us; and it shows.

But not all us embrace this new world equally well. With some there is a gnawing—an unsettledness—that goes along with the direction that the world is going...and with the way we are going with it. This restlessness stems from our deep roots—from the various movements of yesteryear.

Deep within some Adventists is found a kind of DNA subsystem that keep all the cells agitated and alert to the dangers of being swept down the stream of time. This genetic matter is somehow aware that we too are loosing ground and failing to hold the fort. This adds to our sense of nervous agitation.

The organic basis of such a subsystem is our history. And integral to our historical root system is Bible prophecy. Adventism goes far beyond a string of righteous doctrines, or a collection of impressive institutions. Its more than an assembly of fine people doing great things to improve the lives of others around them. We are a historic movement based in Bible prophesy! Our past squares with the ancient scrolls; and our future has been traced in advance by the prophetic pen.

So why then do we feel that dull, ever present anxiety? Why do we sometimes start to panic? It is because as we are watching the world charge toward Armageddon, we are seeing the church slip away from her historic identity; throw off her prophetic expectations, and become too wise for yesterday's counsels. At such a time when the world needs us the most, it might be that we have forgotten who we are.

We do a great job teaching our doctrinal system. We are marvelously evangelism-minded. We support our institutions and mission fields. Most of our churches are strong. But we are failing to pass along the defining sense of our Spirit-led past and the guiding thrust of our prophetic future. Without these we risk becoming like a machine with no soul.

Ellen White emphasized the importance of our staying in touch with the movements of our past. "We have nothing to fear for the future," she warns, "except as we forget the way the Lord has led us, and His teaching, in our past history." -Life Sketches. page 196.

Even as the reader reads this blog, evidence is mounting that this old earth is in the pangs of its final moves toward Armageddon. Multitudes think it plausible that our generation could be the last. The time has come to re-ignite the old fires! We need to bring the old boilers back up to full steam! Are we ready to crack open the old pages of advent history; and blow the dust off the faded covers of those old-fashioned red books? Lets open the sacred pages of God's precious word and search with vigor for light and timely instruction. This world hasn't much time left. Surely God hasn't forsaken His plan or His faithful; so the the big question is, have we? What if our trumpet never gives its certain sound?

The big movements of yesteryear were like test flights. They were the trial runs of past generations trying to get off this planet and head for that better world. The stakes have always been high, but never more urgent then now. With chart and compass in hand let us aim our craft toward that small, white cloud in yonder sky! History is about to repeat itself. The midnight cry is soon to sound again.