We Believe...

Though originally created perfect and sinless, man, through Adam’s disobedience, has inherited a fallen physical and moral condition. We are weak and of ourselves unable to resist sin. Because of this fallen nature, we have all participated in sin.

Christ is the exception. Christ is fully God, who at a point in time, condescended to become the God-man. He became fully man, while at the same time holding onto His full divinity. Christ inherited the same weakened human nature that the rest of humanity has inherited--but He, being God, was able to “[bring] into His human nature all the life-giving energies that human beings will need and must receive.” “He maintained the purity of His divine character.” And “He developed in His humanity, a perfect human nature, ‘for He presented to the wondering universe perfect and complete humanity in His human character and perfect obedience to all the requirements of God.’”

Through His atoning sacrifice on Calvary, Christ has reconciled us to God; and through His life (in us) we are saved from the corruption that is in the world through lust. With the Holy Spirit abiding in us we become partakers of the divine nature and are conformed to the character of Christ. This involves the relinquishment of our cherished ambitions and the surrender of ourselves to Jesus.

Christ is the only name in heaven and on earth whereby we can be saved because He alone is uniquely positioned (as the God-Man) to be our savior and to provide us with the power to overcome evil.