Protocol Evangelism

The second catagory of deliverables is Protocol Evangelism. In this catagory the targets are people outside the Seventh-day Adventist community. They may be individuals, families, small community groups, or even who cities. Here the Deliverables are missionary activities for reaching people with Christ's final warning message.

Home Health Lessons. These are basic health studies designed to be taught in a home-like setting. It is ideal to conduct them in an interest's home encouraging them to invite friends or family. They cover God's Eight Doctors, introducing a number of practical techniques for each one. These are intended to be followed up with seminars and campaigns. 

Home Bible Lessons. These are basic Bible studies designed to be taught in a home-like setting. It is ideal to conduct them in an interest's home encouraging them to invite friends or family. They use the sanctuary as a model to teach important Bible topics relevant to salvation and worship. These are intended to be followed up with seminars and campaigns.  

Home Helps. Home Helps emphasize doing. It could be help with cleaning or cooking, tending someone who is sick, yard work or home repairs. Maybe it is help getting food or clothes for someone in need or visiting someone in jail. Whatever the case, these helps needs to stay focused on Galilee Protocol evangelism goals.

Historagories. Think history stories of an allegorical nature—or modern-day stand-ins for parables. These are special because everybody loves a story. This is a focused use of stories from the Bible or history to pull out important apocalyptic points relevant for today. It is amazing how many Bible stories have built-in end-time symbolism.

Search & Rescue. Door-to-door work is absolutely vital to seeking and saving the lost. Yes, sometimes intimidating, but it can also be fun and rewarding. The emphasis is on ways to engage people who are open to what we have to share concerning health and the gospel.

Open-Air Interactives. Ever consider street evangelism? Here we capitalize on very brief encounters with people just to spark their interest in following up with us at a seminar or study event. In this area we can get creative—especially with the help of schools and youth groups.

Bible Answers Seminars. This is not a venue for whole-message evangelism. Rather, they are short, focused seminars on various relevant Bible topics. With these we work with some of the more difficult studies like the state of the dead, the Sabbath, hell fire, spiritualism, etc.

Ten Times Better Health Seminar. These are short focused seminars on various health topics that work well in more formal settings. They cover things like hydrotherapy techniques, cooking classes, healing herbs, etc.

Almost Armageddon. Similar idea to the On-Boarding seminar for Adventist youth except this one targets young people from the general public. Several multimedia presentations can be put to-gether in a series; but these should be able to stand on their own too. These point out Hollywood's preoccupation with Armaged-don—and Satan's diabolical agenda for the final generation.

Olivet Prophecy Campaigns. This is a new twist on an evangelistic campaign. Well, new but not new. It approaches evangelism more like the book, Great Controversy. These are powerful presentation of the most vital issues for our time. This series is shorter than the traditional campaign and is designed to be presented tent-meeting style away from the bustle of city life. These are not necessarily full-message campaigns so baptismal interests will need to cover some of our beliefs in another way.

Ten Times Better Hygienic Spas. These are city centers. Usually simple rented properties where there is room enough to hold seminars and equipped to do cooking and hydrotherapy demonstrations. They have rooms where simple treatments can be done; and they serve as resource centers for both medical missionaries and those for whom they are laboring. Ideally these are under the direction of a local chapter of the Galilee Protocol Medical Missionary Association.

Siloam Therapeutics Lifestyle Lodges. These are country outposts. Re-purposed farms or some land suitable for a rapid-deployment base camp: these are for training and treatment facilities. They are equipped much like the city centers but designed to accommodate people who need to stay for a while. They incorporate gardening programs, are able to accommodate training, tent-meetings and camping. Ideally these are owned by one or more local chapters of the Galilee Protocol Medical Missionary Association.

Field Expeditions. A Field Expedition is a missionary campaign that is conducted at some target ministry location, usually quite some distance from home. Since the Galilee Protocol primarily targets the large cities, Field Expeditions are generally short-term (6-month) city campaigns. These are the main events where all the Deliverables converges to blitz a target area with intensive, focused, and organized missionary activity.